Litigation Support

Marty Dirks provides arbitration and litigation support, consulting, and expert witness testimony when necessary, to attorneys, both plaintiff and defense, for both civil and criminal cases.  He is an expert in finance and investments with strong academic credentials and extensive securities and corporate business experience.  His services have no geographical limitations.

Mr. Dirks has expertise in complex data analysis and financial modeling.  He has designed and developed various financial modeling tools to illustrate complex financial concepts in a visual, intuitive manner.  This is especially useful to communicate complex financial concepts to people with non-financial backgrounds.

Investigation of fraud and financial misrepresentation

As a short seller, Mr. Dirks has researched and uncovered many fraudulent companies prior to the fraud becoming publicly disclosed.  He specializes in the investigation, detection and quantification of financial reporting fraud and asset misappropriations.

He also has substantial experience with litigation support assignments, fraud investigations and other due diligence initiatives.

Complex damages calculations

While damages calculations can be very complex, determining the economic damages is only the beginning.  The methodology must be able to be explained clearly to non-experts and defended against challenges.

Business valuation

Marty Dirks’ business valuation expertise is based in actual investment experience from managing real portfolios of publicly traded securities, over $800 million in size, and making transaction decisions personally. In addition, he has been responsible for the acquisition of private companies, where his analysis determined whether or not the transaction was made. Valuation approaches based strictly on theoretical grounds may lead to bad analysis. An overstated valuation of damages can harm a plaintiff; it increases the likelihood that the valuation will be disregarded because it is unreasonable and based on unrealistic assumptions.

Investment funds

Mr. Dirks worked for some of the largest hedge funds in the world. He also managed his own fund from start-up. He has a hands-on understanding of standards of practice in portfolio management and standards of care in investment due diligence.

Other litigation support services

Mr. Dirks can provide task critical information by:

  • Assisting counsel to evaluate financial-related claims or defenses
  • Identifying and obtaining relevant discovery material and information
  • Analyzing complex financial transactions and relationships
  • Performing computer-assisted analysis of voluminous data
  • Critiquing an opposing expert’s analysis
  • Reconstructing missing or destroyed records
  • Preparing comprehensive damage models
  • Providing clear and concise testimony and evidentiary presentations

Curriculum Vitae and references are available upon request.

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