Representative Engagements

A real estate developer was given warrants by a publically-traded company in exchange for lease concessions.  The developer was harmed when he was not allowed to exercise the warrants by the company in breach of their agreement.  This project required calculating damages due the contractual breach.

An options arbitrage hedge fund was subjected to miscalculated margin calls, causing substantial losses.  This project required very complex damages calculations, providing opinions on the fund’s strategy and management and testimony.

A fund of hedge funds was damaged by untrue allegations against the manager.  The fund lost several clients as a result of the allegations.  This project involved calculating the economic damage due to the loss of clients.

A real estate developer won an award against a real estate development company for improper construction practices.  The company then used bankruptcy, fraudulent conveyance and other tactics to avoid paying the award.  This project involved analysis of the fraudulent movement of assets as well as the misallocation of expenses and profits.  A key part of the project was to provide a clear, high-level understanding of how the complex fraudulence conveyance was perpetuated, supported by evidence.


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